Autographed 12 Month Calendar with never before seen images

(8.5×11 – opens to 11×17)

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“Rented” A limited edition 2017 Calendar

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Autographed by Robert Sepulveda Jr.

12 Month Calendar with never before seen images

When someone took it upon themselves to make Robert Sepulveda Jr.’s past work as an escort, (prostitute, sex worker, slut, he has heard it all), known, the world expected him to coward in shame, not to confront or speak about it, and they expected he would feel he was unworthy. In fact all of the naysayers, the doubters, all of the people that came after him, the relentless bullying, and constant abuse has only fueled his drive, and has made him a stronger, more centered person. He is now armed with the clearest vision of self, and future he has ever had.

Robert said, “I do not regret taking control of my life at a time when my life had no control and no security. I chose to do what I thought was best for me, to support myself, to make it and for that I have no regrets. I answer to me, my body is mine, and I take ownership of my body and do with it as I see fit. I see my past, the good and the ugly as lessons, even being raped at age 19 – forced to have sex or not get home safely, as a lesson – gifts from god that have taught me so much and have made me the fighter I am today. We live in a sex obsessed culture, that places priority on looks; breasts, asses, the body, sex appeal, but when it comes to facing, and confronting the subject, it’s taboo, an off limits topic and even worse if you dare to profit from what we hold in such high regard,
profit from the very thing we sell our children in magazines and on TV, profit from beauty.”

This calendar/photo essay gives the recipient a glimpse into the harsh reality many sex workers face, a reality he faced: The fears, emotions, dreams, the work, the pleasures and is dedicated to all those in the sex worker field past, present & future. To those in it by choice or
coercion happily or hopelessly. His message to the world is, you are worthy. You are not broken. You are beautiful, powerful & deserve dignity & love.

Proceeds will go to the: The Sex Workers Project. The Sex Workers Project provides client-centered legal and social services to individuals who engage in sex work, regardless of whether they do so by choice, circumstance, or coercion. One of the first programs in the nation to assist survivors of human trafficking, the Sex Workers Project has pioneered an approach to service grounded in human rights, harm reduction and in the real life experiences of their clients.


Produced by: Robert Sepulveda Jr.
Photography by: Robert Sepulveda Jr. (Cover photo by: Sonny Tong @SonnyTong)